Global Stock & Reward Services

Maximising the delivery of your incentive plans

  • Introduction

    Employee stock and cash plans are a core element in employee and executive compensation packages, helping to recruit, retain and reward key personnel. A globally administered plan can provide a competitive remuneration solution for companies seeking to recruit in the international talent pool.



  • Stock & cash plan administration

    Our administration capability covers bespoke equity plans for a small number of senior executives to plans with tens of thousands of participants spread over the world. Our aim is to make the establishment and ongoing administration of stock and reward plans simpler and more effective for you.

  • Trustee services

    Depending on your requirements, we are able to work with your existing Trustee or use our own Barclays trustee companies based in the UK and Channel Islands. Through our long-standing global fiduciary business we offer significant depth of expertise and experience in dealing with a variety of large, complex and international plans.

  • Participant dealing & nominee services

    Whether your employees wish to trade at vest or continue to hold their shares in a nominee account we can provide this within the same web view, allowing them direct market access. All shares will be held electronically enabling your employees 24/7 web view and access to sale request facilities.

  • Corporate dealing & custody

    We can manage any corporate dealing and custody requirements related to the plan. This can be linked to your existing trustee or via our own trust/custodian services.

  • Financial & regulatory reporting

    One of the key challenges in outsourcing your plan administration is the ability to produce up-to-date reports and market intelligence. Our platform uses industry leading functionality, both in terms of content and ease of use. All reports are search-engine driven, making report design and formatting easy for administrators to generate in real time and in a useable format.

  • Executive & wealth management services

    We are dedicated to providing a personal service that aims to help your senior executives grow their wealth, whilst working around the demands of their busy schedules. We will work closely with your executives and plan trustees to provide a first class wealth management service. By understanding the intricacies of their share plan arrangement we can provide a personalised service encompassing their assets within and outside their plan. We can also put your executives in touch with our Barclays colleagues who can provide advice and solutions which include tax, trust and estate planning, investment, credit and private banking.


Other Services

Employee Benefits Consulting

Providing consultancy advice to mid to large corporates on their pension, health and risk benefit arrangements.

Workplace Savings Solutions

Delivering the best of Barclays via a workplace platform to mid to large corporates to enable them to better reward, motivate, educate and engage their employees.

Corporate Wealth Advisory

Focused on corporate protection, director pensions, corporate investments and tax planning, predominately for entrepreneurs and SMEs.